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Just for fun

Hear me out...

Sometimes, finding the right partner for a project is all about the "good vibe." I get it. I do. You shouldn't have to trust your dream with just anyone. People aren't only their resume. So, let's get a little personal. 

I'm a fierce worker. I don't just work until the job is done, I work until the job is done right. I'm not all that precious if you hate the first draft. I usually have a second and third already developed. Because having options is a core part of the way I like to work. But I also really like to have fun. True-joy-filled-hard-work-accomplished-dreams-realized fun. Humans are built of atoms which are meant to collide. Here are a few things I like to collide with. 

SPORTS. Baseball games in the summer and football games in the winter. I'm a lifelong Cubs fan and my hometown heart belongs to the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

NATURE. Long walks became my regular therapy in 2020. 

FOOD. Strong coffee, good whiskey and great wine. Cooking, baking, entertaining, and building community with that which nourishes us.

GIVING BACK. For the past several years, I've used the excuse of my birthday as a fundraiser producing a concert to raise money for an organization that had impacted my previous year. In fact, I have a couple of those upcoming in February 2024. Learn more about that here. 

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