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What do you need?

LET’S TALK: I’ve done (and do) a little bit of everything – which likely means I can help you out. I’m currently based in Chicago relishing in the arts, culture and ever-changing dynamics of one of the greatest cities in the world.

  • ​12 years of professional experience in the performing arts.

  • 12 years of professional roles requiring efficient and focused project management.

  • 12 years of practicing quick problem solving, natural mediation and effective creativity.

  • 10 years of professional roles requiring marketing, copywriting and branding strategy, execution and ownership.

  • 7 years and counting of roles in which I practice thoughtful leadership with a focus on collaboration, people and mission focused energy, budget management and strategic, sustainable operations planning and tangible growth.

I’m an arts administrator, an arts doer, a marketer, a processor, a project manager, a fundraiser, a mediator and a diplomat; I will think critically about immediate and lasting impact so that you don’t have to and if you find yourself in a logistical jam, I’ll be your “go-to” gal with my knack for quick problem solving. My heart center is in shepherding an idea from a glint in someone’s eye to the moment of high five completion. I empower those around me and celebrate collaboration. 

Let's get it done.

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